Say Hello To Your Digital Trailblazers.

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Meet The Team

Small & mighty—we're a nimble team capable of great things!


John Moore

President, Web Swiss Army Knife

John is a seasoned Web Designer, WordPress Developer, Marketing Strategist and Digital Advertising expert.

With a multifaceted skill set and 19 years of experience, working with John is like hiring a Digital Agency without the overhead.

When he's not punching 1's and 0's into the computer, John loves to backpack, snowboard, collect vinyl and dabbles in woodworking.

He's currently homesteading on the side of the grid in scenic Deschutes, Oregon with beloved wife Amber, Banjo the Toller, and Paulie the Cat.



Branch Manager

Banjo is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He enjoys catching Frisbees, frolicking in the snow and barking at deer. Banjo graduated top of his class with honors from puppy kindergarten.

He provides the team with floofy snuggles and expert insight in the bork bork protocols. Some have described his management style as ruff, but fair.

Wave To The Interns! 👋

We're honored to partner with the OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab Student Internship program.

The intern pool includes future business execs, computer scientists, marketers, designers, coders and dreamers. This helpful resource assists in areas such as Q/A testing, researching, website maintenence, program plans and analytics reporting.

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