Google Recognizes John Moore as Google Ads Certified

Google Ads Certified

Google Ads Certified

Google recognizes me as a Google Ads certified professional, meaning that I have passed multiple assessments that measure my Google Search Ad expertise and mastery.

While I've held multiple Google certifications throughout the years, this is my first administered by Google's new proctor Skillshop (formerly Academy for Ads).

I'm impressed with Skillshop's user interface. The curriculum is presented in highly interactive lesson plans. Experienced pros can skip to the assessments if they are qualified to test out of a particular skill.

To become Google Ads Search certified, one must score 80% or higher on two assessments.

The Google Ads certification test used to cost $50 per attempt. Those who needed many attempts could rack up quite a bill. Certifications and training are free with Skillshop, but one must wait 24 hours to retake the exam if they don't pass.

Old tests focused on knowledge of the dashboard. It is important to know the dashboard well, but it changes all the time. In 2018, the dashboard overhauled completely. The tests simply weren't updating as quickly as the test subjects.

The new Skillshop test focuses on strategy and high level concepts that every Google Ads certified individual should know. Several test questions included account planning and audience usage. I felt the test measured my capacity as an advertiser instead of my knowledge of the dashboard & tools.

Google Partners

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About John Moore

John is a seasoned Web Designer, WordPress Developer, Marketing Strategist and Digital Advertiser. When he's not punching 1's and 0's into the computer, John loves to backpack, snowboard, mountain bike, collect vinyl and dabble in woodworking. He's attempting to learn how to homestead on a burgeoning 2 acres in scenic Deschutes, Oregon with his family.

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