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Alpenglow Agency of Bend, Oregon is a Google Partner. Here are some cool coffee mugs they gave us.

By Intern & Guest Author, Daphne L.

Whether you are a new business or a business looking to get started with Digital Advertising, you need to assemble the right team and acquire the best resources. You can try to optimize your campaigns with keywords on your own, but working with a Google Ads certified partner can give you that edge to stand out among the competition. As a Google Ads Partner, Alpenglow Agency can help your business target potential customers nationally or within our Bend, Oregon community.

So why should you work with a Google Ads Partner instead of just pursuing this adventure on your own? Here are the top six reasons to go with the experts.

1) You get to work with experts.

A Google ads partner is an organization that completed training and Google Ads product certification exams to ensure they possess the skills needed to give their clients a superior Google Ads service. A partner agency will help you produce results-driven campaigns and apply their understanding of Google’s best practices to your business.

A good partner agency regularly practices PPC campaigns on multiple campaigns and clients. They constantly build skills and find innovative ways to improve the campaigns they manage. Google Ads Partner agencies hike the hike—they won’t steer you wrong.

2) Run into trouble? We’re here to help!

Though we don’t like it, we sometimes run into troubles and hardships with ads and campaigns. There are multitudes of rules and guidelines that dictate the eligibility of keywords, ads, and campaigns. Google may disapprove of your campaigns or ads for a myriad of reasons. Google Ads Partners have direct access to the Google support team, which diagnoses problems immediately. No more waiting in line for weeks to figure out why your ads aren’t showing!

3) Early access to innovation

Google Ad Partners receive numerous opportunities to test out features before they are accessible to the public. A partner like Alpenglow Agency gives you early access to these features to enjoy. Jumping on beta features gives you a leg up amongst the competition. Critical features like split testing, demographic targeting, responsive ads, and dynamic targeting were all beta features. Those tactics are standard practice now!

4) You won’t fall behind.

It’s pointless to maintain your campaign if you don’t know how to optimize your keywords to yield consistent results. Google Ads partners stay up to date with the latest PPC news to keep you on track with your marketing plan. Google requires all its partners to continually learn the changes being made between the ads platform to qualify for recertification. Google trains these companies, so the information is always direct from the source. If they are not up to date on their training, they lose their certification.

5) Get the most value for your dollar

It’s essential to maximize your budget to get the very best results. Industry research shows that lots of small and medium-sized companies waste 25% of their Google Ads budget; this is mainly due to people not engaging in best practices when choosing their ads’ keywords. With a Google Ads partner, you can make sure that 100% of your budget is used to benefit your business. They won’t be making the same commonplace errors that inexperienced agencies will make.

6) Best of all- Free Money!

Google Ads also provides its partners with credits regularly, including COVID relief. We pass those benefits to our clients; this can include matching spend value for 30 days for up to $100. Hire a Google Partner, and give your campaign that extra fuel to get cooking!

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